Transparent Clear – RGB LED – Custom TV Docking Station for Nintendo Switch



This product was made from an original brand new OLED Nintendo Switch TV Docking station. This OLED dock has the Lan Port. This dock is compatible for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED Models. Enjoy a more portable mini dock with transparent features! RGB LED lights have 3 light modes, 7 colors (red, blue, green, cyan, purple, yellow, cool white) and 50 effects using a remote control.
The LED kit turn on/off with the charging dock.
Vibrant lighting effects bring the ultimate visual experience.

***Notes*** :

* The led lights have an average lifetime of 30 to 50 thousand hours.
* When the LED lights are active, it will take 30-40 minutes longer to charge the Nintendo switch than a standard NON LED dock.
* This does NOT include the console, joycons, HDMI or Power cables…. this listing is for the TV Dock ONLY!

Drop Down Menu:::::

If you select “Send in Service” you must send in a fully functional original Nintendo branded Tv Docking station (if you want a LAN Port you must send in the OLED version)

If you select “Ready to Ship” It will always be an OLED version with LAN port Brand New

Weight 0.34 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 in
TV Dock

Ready to ship, Send in service


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