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Power Level Super LED Wireless Controller for PS5 Or PC



Introducing: Power Level Super LED Wireless Controller for PS5 Or PC

All of our PS5 controllers are made with genuine OEM 1st party internals! This controller is compatible for all versions of PlayStation 5 and PC. This product includes the following additional features:

* Soft touch premium material adds a comfortable feel that is incredibly pleasant in comparison to the default shell.
* Modified backplate has a textured finish that adds comfort while enhancing your grip to bring your gameplay to the next level.
* 60 Day warranty means you get a quality custom product exactly how it should be.
***Optional*** This remap upgrade solution gives you a competitive edge in Online Gaming and Tournaments, and is totally legal. 
Remap 12 buttons to the 4 additional buttons which will be pressed by your middle fingers.
***Optional*** LED has 3 modes and 7 colors and can be turned on or off at any time. LED lights have an average lifespan of 20,000 hours which is 5.5 hours a day for a whole decade.


Black LED, Black non led, Clear LED, clear non led, WHITE LED, WHITE NON LED


Rubberized 4 Remap, Rubberized Grip, Soft 4 Remap, Soft Touch, Textured, Textured 4 Remap

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